La Mesa Tree Irrigation to Provide Adequate Water

La Mesa Tree Irrigation to Provide Adequate Water

Using Root Watering System

There are areas where it can be difficult to provide trees and shrubs with an adequate amount of water, even with the most efficient drip irrigation system.  Dry climates with heavily compacted soil, street medians and large planters can make it difficult get water down to the root zone using traditional irrigation methods.  Without proper watering, a tree might be unable to establish the strong root zone it needs to stay healthy and upright in extreme conditions. 

Rain Bird has developed an innovative Root Watering System (RWS) that delivers water below ground directly to the roots of the tree, helping to maintain a strong and healthy root structure.   A 36-inch long perforated mesh tube (which can be cut to a desired length) allows vital water, air and nutrients to bypass compacted soil and directly reach tree root systems.  An added benefit is that it provides excellent aeration which helps release trapped gases that may increase plant stress. 

The RWS connects to an automatic irrigation system, allowing you to regulate the amount of water your tree receives.  Water from a built-in bubbler or drip emitter fills the system, then thousands of tiny openings in the tube deliver water directly where the tree needs it, deep within its root system.  

When using an irrigation timer or controller that has multiple programs, place your trees on their own individual program.  This allows you to water on the tree’s watering cycle (usually every seven to fourteen days for established trees), rather than the general lawn schedule that can be multiple times each week.   Check with a landscape professional to determine the proper watering cycle for your tree based its species and your specific landscape conditions.

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